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Call now to receive our "Guaranteed cash & five star rated junk car removal service!" We will swiftly pickup your old vehicle for free and pay you cash in & around Central Florida.

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Get free junk car removal with complimentary towing & fast cash for cars & other used vehicles!

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Keep Reading to get the Free Florida Vin Check for Used Junk Car Removal To Sell a Vehicle For Cash

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August 24th, 2018 @ 12:12pm - A new year means new prices! We can offer more cash for junk cars this year. This is where we grow stronger. Get more cash for cars now at 1-888-331-0303. Call today.

Junk Cars FL is Licensed
Insured - Open 7 days - Cash Paid - Free Towing & *Top Dollar Paid* We are committed to providing extra money in your hand in exchange for your salvage vehicle, van, SUV, bus or forklift. Yes, we buy junk cars & pretty much any scrap vehicle complete with an engine and transmission and most other auto parts and pay with cash on the spot.
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Get more junk my car money with complete satisfaction & guaranteed cash for cars on the spot with free tow all at your fingertips. Get your low cost used auto parts Orlando @ our salvage yard.

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See where to sign your blue or brown Florida junk car title  
(Florida State Vehicle Title Assistance / Guidance)

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Our Cash For Car Company & Business Affiliations (Who We Work With)
We are affiliated and are a renown junk car buyer with the Orange County Florida DMV. (Tip: DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles)

Cash for Cars FL offers higher prices & max cash for salvage vehicles. Having such a close relationship with the DMV allows our car buyers to know how to help you in any situation. We can tow box trucks, burned vehicles, forklifts, school buses and other heavy machinery. Please inform our junk auto buyer when your vehicle is missing the tires or has all flats.

Get the Latest Facts about Orange Country Junk My Car Code Enforcement Laws!
Ever been asked for your VIN #? Discover what it means below.

IMPORTANT: If you are not sure of the year, make and model of your junk car, then just provide us with the VIN or title number to the car that you would like to sell and we can decode it and get the facts immediately. The VIN is located beneath the windshield on the driver's side on a small rectangular metal plate. This important number reveals many aspects about your specific car, truck or van, such as ownership info & mechanical info.

Click for Free Florida State VIN Check*
For use only for vehicles registered in FL.

You will need to know the type of old vehicle you have for an accurate cash quote from our junkyard. We offer cash for cars and we buy many junk automobiles every day and night, seven days a week.

International Used Car Recycling Facts: The typical passenger vehicle consists of about 65% steel and iron, by weight. Recycled automobile bodies are typically made out of 25% recycled steel.

We have been in the industrial and residential junk car buying business for so many years and appreciate any feedback that will help us better serve our respected customers and our surrounding and extended community. Call or fill out our junk auto appraisal form to sell your junk car today and we will have our driver there within 1 hour with your cash.
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Our Hours of Operation & Cash for Car Recycling = Mon-Sat 8am to 6pm & Sun 9am-3pm

First time scrap or used vehicle seller? Follow these steps for better junk car removal service.

Below are some tips & steps to help you easily sell your junk cars for cash, while recycling it at the local junkyard fast and free!
Our EXPERT Advice: Never deal with unlicensed junk car buyers for any reason!

Locating your junk car's paperwork & keys and making sure that there are no missing auto parts are all very important steps when you sell cars in Orlando. Read more about how we buy junk cars with cash on our FAQS page.

Junk Cars FL has all the answers you need to successfully & lucratively dispose of your old or used automobile.

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Our Junkyard Qualifications

Guess how many years we have have been buying old, new, used & junk cars....38 years! Our auto wrecker is overflowing with all kinds of older and newer vehicles that were produced from all over the world. We have old classic cars that are extremely rare and uncommon. They do get a little rusty after 60 plus years, but it's OK, we still love 'em and crush 'em like the rest.

You can sell junk cars without the title (valid proof of ownership) too! When you have misplaced the title, please have your VIN ready.

Ask our call center to inform you about which steps are necessary for selling an old car without a title in Florida. For many of our new clients, this will be their first time selling their used car to a junkyard.

Please keep in mind when selling your car for cash...

Original Florida vehicle titles are NOT white in color. They are primarily blue and the older Florida State Titles are typically brown. According to the local DMV, a copy of a title is not a valid car title, if you're still unsure, see our title assistance link.

If you still have additional salvage auto related or cash for car questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us with the link directly below. We check our email regularly, however, after hours emails will be answered the next morning.
Email us at JunkCarsFL@gmail.com
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Hablamos Español & compramos vehículos chatarra y automóviles de rescate con dinero en efectivo. Lo mejor jonker en Orlando Florida.
Cash for Cars Salvage Yard Info: Approximately 10 million junk cars are recycled annually.
We to Buy Junk Cars, Trucks & Vans... that's why we're
"The Best Junk Auto Appraisal & Salvage Auto Buyers in Town!" - Angie's List

Junk Cars FL - Local Junk Yard Company Info - Central Florida

We buy junk cars & operate on a daily basis and JunkCarsFL's Junkyard is open to pay cash for junk car removal on Holidays and weekends. We offer many types of auto salvage recycling related services and specialties.

Our junkyard buys used and late model vehicles too, if the price is right! Please remember, we do not resell our acquired junk & used automobiles, they are consumed by recycling and reusing parts.
"We Love Junk My Car Orlando!" - Leslie S.

Orlando, Florida's main car buying junkyard & scrap auto recycling facility is located at 18615 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32820

For your safety and the safety of others, please do not drink & drive!
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We have numerous animated videos about buying and selling junk cars & getting cash for used cars. You can see more on the JunkCarsFL You Tube Page. JunkCarsFL.com designed & maintained By John S. AKA Junk Car John - Lead car buyer, accomplished customer service specialist and Captain of web design, development and strategies.
Your time of day means a great deal to us...

therefore, we are always willing to schedule junk vehicle or cash for salvage car pickup times around the clock. Daily, We Buy JunkCarsFL picks up used cars and wrecked cars from 7am in the morning until 12am or even later at night, depending on available auto retrievers in your area.
If you discover more ways we can help our beloved community with our auto recycling & used auto parts business, please be sure to email or call us. We would love to hear your great ideas. JCFL makes sure you to get more cash for junk cars today. We sell used auto parts, such as engines and transmissions too! Thanks for visiting & we wish you all the best!
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