We buy all makes and models of junk cars, trucks, and vans & pay cash

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Junk Car Buyer Vehicle Conditions - Why do we buy junk cars?
Because most used parts can be sold and the metal is going to be recycled to make better cars, trucks, vans & SUVs!
We accept & buy used vehicles with all kinds of problems and damage. If you are not sure what is wrong with your car, then just let us know and we will be happy to give you a free quote.
Here are some common conditions of a junk vehicle. Some can be minor issues, however, most can be considered as major damage an will be extremely expensive to repair. You're better off just junking it and trading for cash today!

- My Used Car Won't Start
- My Car Won't Accelerate
- My Junk Car Won't Stay Running
- My Truck Won't Stay Running
- My Old Van is Smoking
- My Stupid Car Won't Turn Off
- My Junk Car Makes A Loud Noise
- My Truck Got Stuck in A Ditch
- I Crashed My Used Car in Orlando
- I Flipped or Rolled My Truck
- My Junk Car Smokes More Than I Do!
- My Scrap Car Won't Turn Over
- My Truck Won't Go In Reverse
- My Old Van is Not Starting
- My Car Makes Noise When I Turn
- My Wife Makes A Lot of Noise, Can You Junk Her Too? (Unfortunately, No)
- My Junk Truck Won't Go In Drive
- My Car Makes A Knocking Noise
- I Wrecked My Car, I Need Cash for Another One
If you are wondering why we can pay so much for cars that are mechanically disabled, (car won't start, car doesn't run, car makes loud noise), it is because we do not try to resell or fix and repair vehicles.

We primarily buy junk vehicles to sell the parts and recycle & crush the body for the weight. We pay a lot of cash for junk cars that are not running, and trucks & vans that won't start for any reason, even if you know engine damage has caused your vehicle to stop working, we will still pay top dollar for junk cars, trucks or vans & SUVs. Try our Orlando junkyard's automotive partners for Auto Parts & Used Car Parts with Online Used Parts Search.