HELP! How Do I Sell My Car Without The Title Orlando?
(Helpful Infographics for Selling a Car in FL)

Selling a junk car or used car with no title, is no problem with Junk Cars FL. Call us with your VIN and we will run a check with the DMV then, if everything looks good, buy your vehicle with no title and still pay you cash for cars. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Vehicle Registration Card, Application for Title, Insurance Card and the Title are all described below for your convenience. See below for proper forms of ownership that allow you to sell your vehicle to our junkyard.

Please Keep in Mind When Selling Your Car for Cash (Junk Car Removal)

Original Florida vehicle Titles are NOT white in color! They are primarily blue and have ownership and lienholder information, have designated places to sign the vehicle over to another entity and is defined as "a right or claim to the ownership of property." According to the local DMV, a copy of a title is not a valid car title, which means we will still need the VIN over the phone or emailed to

Florida Automobile Registration Card

vehicle florida registration information

The above image is an example of a Florida vehicle registration. The VIN is shown circled in green and the title number is circled yellow. We would ask for the title number, if available, since it is 9 digits long since it contains only numbers and is easier to convey to our reprensentatives than then longer 17 digit alphanumeric VIN.

We are buying your Orlando junk vehicles daily and will continue improving our standards and hope to achieve more streamlined procedures that will help the our customers sell their car without the title. Get cash for junk cars without title in Orlando, FL. Please call us at 407-568-9246 or email if you have any additional comments or questions.

Application for a Vehicle Title

title application info
The above application is what you would fill out to apply for a title for your vehicle with the DMV. MANY of our clients believe that this is the title and are disappointed when we have to adjust the price of their vehicle when the driver arrives since this does not count as a Florida title.  Avoid the confusiuon and stay informed with JunkCarsFL.

Car Insurance Card

fl vehicle insurance info
This important card is for your insurance in case of an accident and is required to have in the state of Florida to own and operate a motor vehicle. The VIN can be found next to the green arrow.

This is it! The Blue Vehicle Title
Where Do I Sign My Blue Florida Car Title?

junk car orlando title

We have found the title! This is what we were looking for. It has a dark blue border and says CERTIFICATE OF TITLE at the top and has areas near the bottom for signing over and transferring ownership to another entity. Please sign as shown in the image above when the driver arrives to pickup your vehicle and we will fill out the rest when the paperwork reaches our offices located at 500 9th st Orlando, FL 32820.

Please have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) available.

If you have anything other than the title for your car (any US state is fine), we will need to run the VIN. A PHOTOCOPY OF THE TITLE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AS THE ORIGINAL! We offer free VIN checks when you sell us your junk car with no title at 1-888-331-0303.
If you do not have the title for your used car, there will be additional information that we will need. For reference, the VIN does not contain any I (i), O (o), or Q (q) (to avoid confusion with numerals 1 and 0) and is 17 digits or letters long, that is if the vehicle is year 1981 or newer. If it is older, then it may contain less digits and the letters mentioned above. The VIN can also be found on the vehicle on the driver's side of the dashboard near the windshield on a small rectangular metal plate and also on the inside of the door jam.
You can sell junk your car with or without the title, we provide the derelict form, however since there will be DMV fees, your price quote might be lower than if you had the clean title in your name. Depending on the vehicle, we may use it to sell used parts in Orlando. If you still have additional salvage auto related or cash for car questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us. We check our email regularly, however, after hours emails will be answered the next morning.